Seminarium vid Stockholms universitet

Onsdagen den 8/3 kl 15.15 håller Mathias Lindholm ett seminarium vid Stockholms universitet som rör dödlighetsmodeller. Alla intresserade är välkomna.

Time: Wednesday 8 March at 15.15 hours
Location: Cramér room, room 306, house 6 at Kräftriket

Speaker: Mathias Lindholm
Title: On connections between some classical mortality laws and proportional frailty

We provide a simple frailty argument that produces the Gompertz-Makeham mortality law as the population hazard rate under the assumption of
proportional frailty given a common exponential hazard rate. Further, based on a slight generalisation of the result for the Gompertz-Makeham
law the connection to Perks and Beard’s mortality laws are discussed. Moreover, we give conditions for which functional forms of the baseline
hazard that will yield proper frailty distributions given that we want to retrieve a certain overall population hazard within the proportional
frailty framework.