Seminarium i matematisk statistik den 26 februari

Tisdagen den 26 februari (OBS dagen!) klockan 15.15 håller Robert Fitzner, Technical University of Eindhoven, Nederländerna, ett seminarium med titeln Non-backtracking lace expansion

Sammanfattning: Many spatial interacting models are in high-dimension expected to behave similar to a corresponding simple model without interactions, such as simple random walk and branching random walk. In this talk I introduce the concept of mean-field behavior and discuss a method to prove it. We apply these ideas to key models in statistical physics, namely, self-avoiding walk, percolation, lattice trees and lattice animals.

We focus on a novel method call Non-backtracking lace expansion, which can be used to study nearest-neighbor models in dimensions above, but close to, the upper critical dimension above which mean-field behavior is expected.

Lokalen för seminariet tisdag 26/2 är bytt till sal 31, hus 5 i Kräftriket.