Möte den 29/5 2008

Torsdagen den 29 maj 2008, kl. 16.00
Lokal: Finansinspektionen, Brunnsgatan 3
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Alexander Dollhopf & Tigran Kalberer, Comparison of economic valuation approaches.

In the three areas of MCEV, Solvency II and IFRS, we currently see a strong move towards economic or market consistent concepts. The proposals have many similarities, but a few outstanding conceptual differences could impact financial results (balance sheet or income   statement) significantly.

In our presentation, we provide a short background to the current developments, explain and discuss similarities and differences in the valuation approaches and touch upon topics such as entry/settlement value, future premiums, discretionary participation features, risk margins, service margins, own credit risk and unbundling. In addition, we draw the line to the usage of economic valuation concepts for the internal management of insurance companies, and discuss the implications to insurers.

Presentation i pdf-format här.